The Campsite

Our camp takes up a 30 acre corner of 250 acre Whitehorse Wood. Our aim is to let you enjoy the woodland in its natural form with your own campfire and plenty of space.   In order to do this we need to preserve and maintain the ancient woodland and natural landscape in which you find yourselves.  Here are a few pointers as to what to expect…

Our Pitches

The site is over 30 acres with 1940’s tarmac roads for access – so no getting stuck in the mud! If you like seclusion, you can head off deep into the woods to The Oaks or Great Park camping areas with one of our wheel-barrows (we can help you move the really big stuff with our quad bike). For pitches at Tudors Spring, you can park just off the side of the road and camp near to your car – ideal for many families. If you’re new to camping, or just want to arrive with the minimum of fuss, we have pre-erected Bell Tents available. (Click map to enlarge)

Check availability here…

…or speak to Karina to see what is free when you are coming.

Our pitches and tracks have been carefully set out so that most of the woods will remain naturally overgrown and you will feel like you are camping on your own in the woods rather than in a campsite.

Off Grid Facilities

We run off-grid so it’s back to nature.  We have lovely hot showers & washing-up sinks, together with composting loos.  It’s basic and rustic but with everything you need!  We also supply bio-degradable shower gel and washing-up liquid to be kind to our soak-away.

We do have running drinking water, but you’ll need to bring your own containers.

Fires and Wood

There is nothing like the simplicity of a campfire to generate lifelong memories, however they do need to be treated with respect and common sense. Every pitch has a fixed fire pit to prevent the tree roots being damaged and logs are available to buy on site (we do not allow disposable BBQs on site due to their fire risk). Fallen timber provides valuable habitat for wildlife and is not to be foraged. For the same reason, do not remove deadwood from trees; you may be stealing an animal’s home (and you may be asked to leave if you are caught!). Due to the risk of imported disease and the health of our trees, please do not bring in firewood from elsewhere. We have seasoned logs and kindling from the surrounding Estate available to buy.

FIRE BANSDuring spells of particularly dry or windy weather, we may have to impose a fire ban to minimise the risk of fires getting out of control.  If this becomes necessary, we will try to let you know beforehand and also make you aware on arrival. In the event of a fire ban, we cannot allow campfires, candles or disposable/charcoal BBQ’s due to the risk of sparks. Gas camping stoves and gas BBQs will still be allowed.


We welcome dogs (except in our bell tents) but we need you to keep them and their poo under control. If you come in with a dog we can give you some biodegradable poo bags and ask that you clear up after them wherever possible by using the red dog waste bins around the site. They should be on a lead when not in the immediate vicinity of your pitch.  Friendly breeds only please, and they must pass the tummy tickle test.

Noise & Amplified Music

We do not allow amplified music, although you are very welcome to bring acoustic instruments or join in with some campfire songs…!  Our wardens will do walk arounds from 10pm onwards to check that all is quiet.  If we have reports of your late night behaviour disturbing neighbouring campers, you will be asked to leave the next morning without a refund for any remaining nights.


We have waste and recycling facilities around the site, so you can bring back everything you take into the woods to keep the woods for the wildlife. Please use them!


We have a small amount of essentials for sale on site such as matches, firelighters and torches, tea, coffee, crisps…and sweets!  As well as firewood and swedish candles. The shop/reception is open as follows:

Monday to Thursday from 09:00am to 19:00pm
Friday from 09:00am to 21:00pm
Saturdays from 08:30am to 20:00pm
Sundays from 09:30am to 17:00pm
(Sundays until 19:00pm on Bank Holiday weekends)

The shop/reception may be closed between 1pm and 2pm daily, except during extremely busy periods.  Please check the board outside reception for more details during your visit.

Wardens are available on call for any emergencies outside of these hours, please call 07528 609324.


If you have any questions we’ve not answered here, then please visit our FAQs page.