Locally sourced firewood

No camping experience is really complete without a campfire – the wonderful food, the shared stories and that sweet smell of smoke that lingers on your clothes for days…! Every pitch at Badgells Wood has its own fire pit and we sell sacks of seasoned wood in Reception (or online when you book camping), all sourced from our surrounding Birling Estate woodlands…each sack should last one night or two depending on how excited you get!

We ask that you please do not forage for wood on site as it damages the woodland ecology and please do not bring your own wood due to the very real risk of bringing in disease to our woodland…bio-security is a very real and serious issue for us.

We also have Swedish Candles available – these fabulous guys have their origins in Finland, but we have cut ours from the surrounding woodland.  We have various sizes and prices available – you can order a medium-sized candle with your booking and, if you want to change to a larger one, you can pay the difference on arrival.