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Forest Bathing


Saturdays – 1 August, 29th August, 5 September & 26 September 9.30am & 11am
DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND, now also Saturday 10 October 9.30am
Please book online [click this link, choose ’10 October’, then select the ‘activities’ supplement] or speak to Karina, spaces limited

“Go deep into the forest, reconnect with nature and your true self”

The practice of ‘Shinrin Yoku’, (translated into English as ‘Forest Bathing’) has been an integral part of Japanese healthcare since the 1980’s and is prescribed to treat a wide range of physical and psychological health issues. Research has proven it to be effective in lowering stress hormones, reducing blood pressure and improving concentration and memory. More recently, Forest Bathing has gained popularity in the West as a simple but effective antidote to our ‘always on’ culture.

So what exactly is it?

During a Forest Bathing Experience, Kate will gently guide you into the heart of the woods and invite you to immerse yourself fully in nature using all of your senses. You can take part in various ‘natural mindfulness exercises’ that will help you to develop present moment awareness and establish a deep connection with the forest and its wildlife. Sit quietly while Kate guides you in a meditation, allowing yourself to simply ‘be’. Every Forest Bathing Experience is unique but what they do have in common is the experience of a deep sense of calm and renewed connection to nature.

How is it different to just going for a walk in the woods?

When we go walking, our minds are often so busy that despite our best intentions it can be hard to stay in the ‘here and now’ for more than a few moments before we are off planning, worrying, remembering. Walking with a Forest Bathing guide helps to keep you focused on the here and now with mindfulness exercises and regular invitations to come back to your senses. In this way, you enjoy a deeper connection with nature and can start to access a stillness within that is so often drowned out by the mental chatter of our daily lives. From that point of stillness often comes a reconnection to your ‘true self’. It can be a very liberating experience and often one that brings a profound sense of wellbeing.

About Kate

Kate is an accredited Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher and Nature Connection Guide. Formerly a physiotherapist, she was inspired to retrain in Mindfulness and Nature Therapy after experiencing their transformational benefits for her own health. As the founder of ‘Wanderful’, a Nature Connection and Mindfulness Community, she regularly guides Forest Bathing experiences in the Kent countryside. She also runs Mindfulness courses based on the Breathworks model for people suffering from chronic health conditions or stress.

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