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Bushcraft Weekend – 10/11 October

I’m delighted to say that bushcraft has been so successful at Badgells Wood this year that we are holding a special Bushcraft Weekend.

Its on October 10-11th and we are offering a special rate for this weekend only for Bushcraft forum members of £15/adult and £7.50/child for the weekend – please say which forum you are a member of when you book to get the discount.

Fresh game will also be available with 72hrs notice – rabbit, pigeon and possibly pheasant and partridge also. Please let us know if you would like something.

Traders and instructors are welcome to come along but please contact us to confirm details (you will need to bring along evidence of your own insurance before exhibiting in any way).

Bushcraft Magazine will be coming along to cover the weekend, so you can read all about your exploits afterwards – and as the first one we’ve done (all arranged last minute..) it should be fun seeing how it turns out..!

Families are of course as welcome as ever…


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